Years before the events of Earth Day, Remembrance is a dark journey of discovery. And, as the Irish proverb says, may you never forget what is worth remembering, or remember what is best forgotten.

Fear the forgotten

“After many years, two former school friends meet by chance. Or do they? Deborah — a high-flying corporate lawyer, now living in New York — remembers a sequence of events one way, while Ben — a travel writer and campaigning journalist — remembers them another. But why?

Unable to shake loose the feeling that something’s wrong, Deborah and Ben return to the rural idyll of their home village in England, to make sense of what really happened during that apparently lost week in their young lives.

What they uncover is more disturbing than anything they could have ever imagined, striking at the very heart of their adolescence, affecting not just their own lives, but the lives, the careers and the reputations of people past and present: an event so unbelievable, only the unimaginable could bring it to an end.”

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Project Status — Remembrance

Remembrance is moving along and is almost complete. Kind of.

Remembrance is a mix of horror fantasy, interwoven with the tenuous threads of science fiction, and it has progressed to an advanced developmental stage. It’s a novel I’m actually quite excited about.

While that’s the story, it’s only the 1st “Act” of what I intend to be a two part treatment.

So yes, Remembrance is almost done, but Forgotten — essentially the 2nd “Act” — is only in the preliminary development stages. That said, the ideas and the main thrust of Forgotten have come together quite nicely, but require much more development.