Wayne Smallman, writer, author, programmer and designer

In truth, Wayne has been imagining science fiction most of his life, and first started writing while at school, and his passion was only ever going to grow and flourish over time.

Earth Day, a post-apocalytpic adventure, was Wayne’s first serious foray into fiction, as a self-published author, combining his natural talent for story telling with his desire to ground his ideas, tethering them to what is known, while shaping them around people as much as science and technology; past, present and beyond.

By day, Wayne is the Managing Director and principle founder of Octane Interactive Limited, and has been in the design and new media industries since the mid nineties.

Wayne’s clients see him more as a partner than a supplier, which says everything about the kind of service he provides.

I love what I do. It’s as simple as that. That pleasure in what I do is key to the quality of the service my clients get from me.

More recently, Wayne has been writing for a number of business publications, including the FSBs First Voice magazine, among others. And then there’s always Octane’s own business blog (see “Knowledge”), which is a great source of business help, tips and advice, all gleaned from my years in the design industry.

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