I have a distraction…

Under Cloud

Aside from Octane, my own business, to keep me occupied, I have several personal projects, such as writing and aspiring to be an author of some renown. But I also have a dream, and it’s proving to be a distraction.

However, the ironic thing is, this dream — which is a rather large personal project — I’m working on is proving to be a distraction from the paying work, when the project itself is designed to make me more efficient at doing.

Under Cloud

I have a dream, and it’s name is Under Cloud, which some think is a negative, but I like it. It’s aim is to make “serendipity reproducible, day after day.”

As you can imagine, as a programmer, designer, and writer, I do a lot of research. Saving bookmarks in a web browser doesn’t cut it. Saving scraps of ideas in Evernote is only a partial fix. So I’ve written something (and by that I mean I’ve written code) that just about solves that particular problem.

So, if — by sheer chance — anyone other than my girlfriend was wondering why I had gone silent, the Under Cloud is the reason why.

Also, if you’re curious as to how the Under Cloud might help you, send me a message and we can discuss it further.

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