Lulu’s new “eBooks Made Easy” service .. as clear as mud!

Lulu have today announced partnerships with Apple and Barnes & Noble, so that their customers can publish their books in the epub format to their book stories.

“As part of this initiative, Lulu has secured partnerships with Apple and Barnes and Noble so you can sell your works to millions of readers on devices like the iPad® and NOOK™, not to mention in print on and the Lulu Marketplace.  We’ve even added a new Manage Distribution page that lets you opt-in and opt-out of retail channels for all your titles with the click of a button.”

While this is obviously good news, for those like myself who have already published an ebook, we’re kind of dangling out in fresh air here, wondering what to do next.

I published Earth Day directly as an ebook, with no intention of running a print format version. I’ve had a quick poke around and I just cannot find anything related to their opt-in option.

So maybe I have to re-submit my book and publish again? Again, no guidance. I can only image this “Manage Distribution” option relates to their ISBN product, but again, I’m guessing because there’s just no guidance.

I posted a comment in their release, so hopefully, they will respond and clarify just what the hell is going on.

A game of snakes and actions

Language is just an abstraction; a way of communicating and describing action. Just ask a snake how he snuck up on that insect or rodent they last ate and he’ll just shrug his shoulders. Actions existed long before language. Sadly, snakes don’t have shoulders.