The art and science of my fiction

While out running yesterday, it occurred to me (for the first time) where I fit into the grand literary scheme of things. While I write science fiction, that theme will permeate but not dominate the novels I write, which will be more near future speculation action thriller than anything else.

Few of you will know about the tetralogy I have lined up, or that I’ve written I first (and very rough) draft of Perditions End, the first of the four, and a more advanced first draft of Ascending Angels, the second in the series.

As a businessman, I’ve learned some of the constants of my trade over the past twelve years, and realise they apply elsewhere in life, too. For instance, people won’t buy from person until they’ve bought into that person. Which is to say: until someone trusts you, they probably won’t buy from you.

The audience can only suspend their disbelief a finite number of times, as their sense of incredulity is itself drawn from a finite source. So the role of the author is to create plausible impossibilities. And if I, as the author, expect you to believe my stories, then you must first believe the characters that populate the imaginary spaces I populate with them.

Project Status — The Fly

Okay, it’s likely that The Fly is just a working title and will change (more than likely to help fend off possible litigation), so the internal name is now Wraith. Anyway, I’m eight pages in and I have a much clearer idea of where the story is going. And I’m excited about the project, which is crucial!

Earth Day

Earth Day is the debut science fiction thriller novella by Wayne Smallman. The story, told like a future fable, follows the challenging and changing fortunes of a young woman attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding a sudden and unstoppable alien invasion of Earth.

In the beginning, we broke our word, and then came the lights

“How might our quarrelsome and wasteful ways be seen through the gaze of more distant, different and dispassionate eyes? And how might a promise once made by the leaders of the world be re-paid having been broken by their successors?

30 years later, on a night whose dark skies were filled with a magical light show the world over, countless towns and cities, entire transport networks as well as billions of people begin to vanish without a trace. But out in the remote rural areas of the world, life goes on unaffected by the invasion, or the enigmatic “lights” that continue to appear out of nowhere, surveying the mundane routines of the survivors.

In the aftermath of this unstoppable invasion by an invincible alien force, one survivor wants more than mere survival; Leonora “Lenny” Dixon wants answers. Why are the invaders here, and what do they want of us?

In search of answers, Lenny and her boyfriend Jay leave the relative safety of Cumbria, a mountainous and rugged region of north-west England, and begin a journey south, through the ruined and abandoned urban sprawl of the great northern city of Manchester. On their way they discover the true and terrifying purpose of the invaders, finally revealing the horrifying truth behind the disappearing industry and civilization of man, and of mankind itself.”

Earth Day is available NOW on Amazon

Earth Day is available to buy right now for Amazon Kindle, as well as other formats on Lulu.

Project Status — Earth Day

Earth Day is now in the capable hands of Amazon and their Kindle compadre, soon to be published. As an aside, I’d actually published the book yesterday, but I wasn’t happy with the formatting, so I pulled the whole thing and submitted a fresh copy.